Carson Valley Women's Golf Club


President's Message

It will be my pleasure to serve as the President of the Carson Valley Women’s Golf Club (CVWGC) this year.

I would like to remind everyone that the purpose of the CVWGC is to promote women’s golf, to educate women in the sport and to promote good sportsmanship and amicable social relationships among our members.

To have fun, not take ourselves too seriously, enjoy the game of golf and our beautiful surroundings. To strive to uphold and abide by the rules and ethics of the game of golf and welcome new members. To educate our members in the rules, etiquette and sportsmanship of the game of golf; while making new and nourish existing friendships and camaraderie within the membership. Along with being kind to all and respecting the abilities and limitations of all our members and guests.

If this looks familiar, you are right. This is our Mission Statement and Core Values and I thought they are very good, and worth repeating. Let us have fun and enjoy this wonderful game.

I personally want to thank all of the wonderful ladies who make this club function, that includes all of the women holding positions currently, all the ladies who have done these jobs in the past and every lady who comes out to play golf, without you there would be no Carson Valley Women’s Golf Club

Thank you,

Kelly King