Carson Valley Women's Golf Club


Is It Safe to Play Golf During The Coronavirus Outbreak


Golf’s three professional bodies – The Professional Golfers’ Association (PGA), Golf Club Managers’ Association (GCMA) and British and International Golf Green keepers Association (BIGGA) have issued new guidance on what to do when playing and how to do it safely during the coronavirus pandemic. To read the original article please click here.

The following guidelines use those presented by the BIGGA, PGA and GCMA and have been modified to better align with the amenities and resources available at the Carson Valley Golf;

Prior to the game
• Utilize "Park and Play" - avoid going into club house
    • Book tee time on line and enter credit card info for payment
    • Call club for tee time and use club account for payment.
    • Post scores to GHIN at home
• Players with any colds, coughs or any symptoms of Covid-19 should be asked not to play
• Tournaments - Shotgun starts with people congregating before and after are discouraged for the time being
• Putting greens limited access and all flags have been remove
• Golf carts should be taken out of use or used by single individuals and family members only - encourage walking with personal push carts
• All carts will be cleaned after each round

On the course
• Abide by social distancing rule (6 ft.)  on tees, fairways and greens
• All flages have been remove all flags from course.
• Inverted cups and raised - hit the cup sink the put (see USGA ruling). 
• No rakes in bunkers. May lift ball, fluf sand with foot & replace ball (see USGA ruling).
• Golfers should use their own towel to wipe their golf balls
• Course ball cleaners should not be used
• Golfers should only pick up their own ball
• Do not share any equipment, such as golf clubs or rangefinders
• Don’t shake hands before or after your game
• Have hand sanitizers available as golfers leave the golf course

After the game
• Handling of scorecards is a vulnerability, especially for staff members tasked with checking cards and finalizing results. Arrange for this to be done online where possible
• Resturant is closed
• Bar is closed limited to bottle and can drinks only
• Hand sanitizers should be made available throughout
• Regular cleaning of bathroom surfaces including door handles
• Society bookings where food and social interaction is involved afterwards should be limited in accordance with the latest guidance
• Follow Government advice as mandatory closure of clubhouses may be introduced in the coming days